Oviparous Animals, Earth Day, & a Diphthong

As much as I can’t stand those slimy little suckers,  we’ve been learning about frogs the last few weeks.  Amphibians {and reptiles} to be exact.  Let me start by saying that our sweet little frog, Hopper, is officially DEAD.  I found him belly up…on the bottom of the tank….this morning.  YIKES.  Apparently, my green thumb, or lack thereof, extends to aquatic animals as well as plants.   Anyhoo…since reptiles & amphibians hatch from eggs, we’ve also been learning a little bit about oviparous animals.  The kids LOVE that word…oviparous!  We did a little craftivity today that the kids just loved!!  Meet some of our oviparous animals…



I had the kids write the definition of an oviparous animal {in their own words}, and then write a sentence about an animal that is oviparous.  They loved it!  Since we’ve been polishing our dictionary skills, this was a great way to reinforce definitions :)


As you all know, Earth Day is Friday.  If you don’t have any Earth Day activities on your radar just yet, check out Rachelle’s Earth Day Unit {free!!!}.  It’s packed full of fun stuff!!  I like to have a Reuse/Recycle picnic on Earth Day.  Just send a little note home telling the parents to pack a lunch for their kiddos and head outside. As the kids are eating, I have them sort their lunch trash into three little piles…reuse/recycle/trash.  We gather up all the recyclables and recycle them together and then we all take turns throwing away our trash :)  My kids have always loved that!!!  When I taught Kindergarten, I had my kids make an Earth Day promise.  Shockingly, I found one of my kids’ examples from 2006!!  HA!!  I’m definitely doing this with my firsties on Friday…

Dang!  Look how faded that is!!!  HA!!!oviparous5


This week’s diphthongs are oi/oy.   Food must be on my mind because my kids did another activity that involved “feeding” an inanimate object.  Dang.  I switched it up a little a cut a little hole in piggy’s belly for this one.  The kids had to feed the pig /oi/ words because, as one of my firsties said, “duh…pigs say OINK!!!”  HA! 


For this activity, I had the kids roll a dice I labeled with the oi/oy diphthongs {using garage sale sticky dots}.  The kids played in pairs and the person who fed the most /oi/ words to the piggy was the winner :)  To keep track of the “feedings” I had the kids tally each time they rolled an /oi/.  When they were finished feeding, they recorded the /oi/ words on a corresponding recording sheet. 

Click on the pig to download the activity.


Happy hump day, sweet friends!!!  Time for American Idol!!  GO LAUREN!!!!! 


  1. I LOVE your Earth Day art project!
    If you are interested, check out the Giveaway I'm having this week over at my teaching blog.
    Thanks for sharing your great idea!

  2. Love your cutey cute oviparous animal art!
    This is so weird...I just posted a -ow and -ou read the room center to my blog last night! And, now you post your fab idea today! Love it!
    Kerri B

  3. OK I adore the Earth day activity. How did you do it? Is there a template and you have your students put their hands in the center or is it kind of a free paint?

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
    A Teacher's Plan

  4. Totally presh. I'm on that cutie world activity! My kididdles will *love* it :)

  5. In love with those hand print world.

    Thanks for the shout out girl!

  6. We read "Chickens aren't the only ones today!" How fun!! I hope my tadpoles work out better than Hopper! As alwaysI LOVE your posts!

    Queen of the First Grade Jungle

  7. I love your ideas! Where do you get most of your clip-art?

  8. O my word. I adore your blog.

  9. Thanks for sharing - we're finally doing oi/oy words next week and I will definitely be using this as a center.


  10. Great visual appeal with the oviparous animals hatching from their eggs. What did you use to form the nests?

  11. Thank you for the free spelling sort. I will be using it with my kids this week.

  12. I am a first year teacher and love your blog. It is so helpful when I am looking for a fun way to teach something new!

  13. Hi! I shared your Earth Day pledge idea in a round-up on my blog today:


    Thank you for the inspiration! : )

  14. I'm planning to do an "Earth Day Promise" craft with my son's kindergarten class on Monday - thanks for the great inspiration!!

  15. I want to use the oi/oy pig activity, but when I click the pig, it goes to "pin in" I must be doing something wrong.

    1. Anna, I don't know if you solved the problem, but just incase you didn't or someone else has the same issue, don't click near the "Pin it" image. If you click down by the feet of the pig it will take you to the download.

  16. Do you have the large image of the pig you used for the bags? It wasn't in the download.