Oh, Happy Day!

It’s Friday, y’all!!  GET HAPPY!!!

My day started off a little iffy.  I may or may not have gotten a ticket for an expired inspection sticker this morning.  I guess the state wasn’t playin’ around when they said, “Check the date. Love your state.”  Oops!!   The cop, however, was SUPER nice!!  I managed to make it to Starbuck’s for my Friday morning Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte and my weekly “pay it forward” {whenever I drive thru, I like to pay for my drink and the person’s order behind me!!  Makes me happy!!!}

My day just got better after that!  Here are just a few things that made me happy today…

The Book Fair was open to teachers today and our amazing PTA gave each of us a $30 credit to spend on books.  There’s nothing better than something FREE!!!!!!!  LOVE!!!



I’m SO in love with the Abraham Lincoln hardback!!!  The illustrations are amazing and it’s perfect for this time of year!!  THANK YOU, PTA!!!

One of the cuties on our team ran to Sonic during our planning and brought us all drinks!  Nothing says happiness like a large Sonic coke on a Friday afternoon!


And one of my sweeties brought me this sweet little lunch bag “just because”.  CAH-ute!!!  It’s currently serving as my camera bag :)


A sweet little note from one of my firsties definitely brought a little happy to my day!


And when I got home this afternoon, I found the sweetest card and CD from my Dad!!  LOVE that man!!  He & I share a serious love of music and obscure/random artists. 


What a perfect almost end to an otherwise crummy starting day! 

What made you happy today?!?!


  1. Looks like the perfect day! Enjoy your weekend :)

  2. I love your idea of using your new bag for your camera! I was given the same bag by one of my students awhile ago and it was just toooooo cute to be used for my lunch. I never thought about using it for my "gadgets"! Thanks for sharing your idea. I'm glad it turned out to be a good day for you!

  3. What made me happy today was showing my first graders our new class blog @ http://kidblog.org/. They were so excited to learn that they could chat with each other online while at home. I love the idea because they are reading, writing, and learning computer skills! It's a great way for students to connect in the evenings or on the weekend. I also love the settings control that the teacher has. CHECK IT OUT!

  4. HOW CUTE (all of it, but especially the card from your dad)! I got a bucket filler today that said "You will always be my favorite." It melted my heart!!!

  5. @ Mrs Lochridge....that sounds like the neatest thing EVER!! Definitely checking it out!!

    @Rachelle...DARLING!! My heart would've melted, too!! HA!!

    Happy weekend, y'all!

  6. So glad your day had so many bright spots! :)

    Today, a note from one of last year's kiddos made my day. She thanked me for all of the things I "teached" her!

  7. Two things made me happy today. First one of my students told me Ms. A I just love being in your class...I want you to teach second grade. I almost cried. The second thing...why having Mrs. Carroll visit and leave a comment on my blog! I felt like a rock star visited my site :)
    Ms. A
    Oceans of First Grade Fun

  8. I love how you pay for the next person's coffee!!! I always leave what I can in the "tip" bucket...it feels good to "pay it forward".

    I curled my hair today because I couldn't sleep and woke up extra early... one of my students said, "Ms. Wiley you look SUPER pretty today!" It made me smile inside and out!



  9. Free $30 to spend on books from your PTA? You are L-U-C-K-Y!!

  10. What's an inspection sticker?

    Glad your day turned out to be great. And you're right...nothing like a coke (or better yet, a sweet tea) from Sonic. Back when I taught (almost four years ago...GASP!...now I am a stay at home mama) I loved going there for my sweet tea fix.

    What made me happy today? My 2 year old told me that when he was in my tummy, he saw my bones. Then he said that I hurt him when I chewed him up and swallowed him to get him in there. WHAT? I laughed so hard, then had to try to explain to a 2 year old that I did not eat him! LOL!

    Kids are the best.

  11. Awww I love the lunch bag and the little note :) So sweet!

  12. I am literally in awe of your weekly "pay it forward." I am completely going to try that this weekend! I am in NJ, you know, not usually known for being super kind (haha), so I'm thinking the person behind me might pass out in shock.

    Anyways.. I had an awful email get forwarded my way from a parent who seems to think "I am a young teacher who just doesn't care." I work so hard to be the exact opposite of his description and because his son is struggling he took it out on me. I was happy to have another parent call me today and tell me how grateful she was out my hard work with her daughter!

  13. Just wanted to let you know I love reading your blog! I'm also a 1st grade teacher in TX. Your ideas are awesome! I also have that Vera Bradley lunch bag! I love it!


  14. Wow, that lunchbag is adorable! Not quite so adorable though, as the You Are My Sunshine note! :D

  15. You've got an awesome PTA! Glad your day got so much brighter!!! :)

  16. What a great Friday!

    Mrs. Lochridge and Rachelle both said my two happy things. My class started using kidblog yesterday also and that made me pretty happy, but it was made sweeter when I opened it up to show a friend on my phone and one of my kiddos commented on his friend's math facts and said, "You rock at math. You are my best friend." HOW CUTE! I loved that he went home and logged on! My second happy thing was a bucket note, "I love it when you teach us new things".

    I hope our happy Fridays continue into a happy weekend!


  17. You are too much fun!!! Love you paying it forward at Starbucks and the super cute bag your student gave you....not to mention the precious card one of your sweeties made you...awwwww!!! What a lucky class you have:D

    Have an awesome weekend!

  18. I am an Early Childhood Education Major and just found your blog! You make me want to go start teaching tomorrow! It is so precious!

    I LOVE LARGE SONIC DRINKS! They make my day SO MUCH better!

  19. So this made my day (Imaybe my year)... my preschool daughter and her teacher were making her bed at school yesterday and what did they find in the folds of the fitted sheet? My red lace panties. Now how do I recover from that? Did I mention her preschool is church-based? A memory I will never forget!