Celebrating St. Pat’s Day!

The Irish in me is ALL.OVER St. Patty’s Day!!  I LOVE IT!!!  I especially love celebrating it with the kids!  I don’t have many pictures to show you, but with St. Pat’s right around the corner, I just wanted to share a few things I’ve done in the past to make it fun for the kids!
Here’s a fun little writing we did today.  This is one of my favorites!!

ETA:  You can find the patterns HERE:http://thefirstgradeparade.blogspot.com/2011/03/leprechaun-pattern.html
First we read this book…
Then we talked about luck and feeling lucky.  Afterwards, I had the kids write about what makes them feel lucky using the prompt, “I feel lucky when…”.  I got some darling responses!  After they were finished writing, they created a little “loopy leprechaun”.  FUN!

When I taught Kindergarten, I told the kids there was a “wee little Leprechaun” hanging out in our school and he was watching for outstanding behavior.  Those cuties fell for it.  Hook, line, & sinker!    For about a week before Spring Break, I’d leave little clues that the leprechaun had visited our classroom.  I’d turn over chairs, sprinkle green glitter on the floor and desks, put things where they didn’t belong…that leprechaun was really mischievous!!  On the Friday before Spring Break, I really went wacky…chairs on desks, painted/stamped “footprints” (made using the side of my fist & fingerprints) all over the place, sprinkled gold nuggets all over the desks and floor, and left little surprises for all the kids {all while the kids were at Specials}.  When the kids came back in the room, I pretended to be “SO SAD” and upset and would ask them why they would destroy my room {just imagine a VERY dramatic K teacher right about now.}  That really sold it!  HA!   

I made the gold nuggets myself…just spray painted garbanzo beans GOLD.  My kids truly believed they were real!  I just LOVE that innocence! 
We used the nuggets for fun math activities, too!  Since the nuggets were casually sprinkled all over the room, I had the kids count what they collected and compare it to how many their classmates collected.  We made a huge class graph on a big black pot to chart the number of gold nuggets we collected.  I paired the kids up and had them add their nuggets together and then create number sentences on little pot of gold templates {wish I still had that printable!!}  I also had them use their nuggets for a little non-standard measurement activity. 

I found the cutest little plastic bags at Hobby Lobby one year.  They were pretty small and on sale for 10cents a pack {about 30 in a pack!!}  I bought A TON of them and still have lots leftover!  Anyway, I filled those bags with Lucky Charms and a gold chocolate coin and left them on the kids’ desks.  They LOVED it!! 
I had the kids make Leprechaun traps one year for a family project and bring them to school so that we could try and catch the leprechaun.  There were some ADORABLE traps!!  We set them out all over the room and checked them each time we came back from being out.

On the Friday before Spring Break, the leprechaun would also leave a baggie full of “magic powder”.  The leprechaun left instructions to mix the powder with 2 cups of milk for a “green surprise”.  So we mixed and mixed and ended up with {green}pistachio pudding!  Then I scooped some out for each of my kiddos and had them taste it.  Most of them usually liked it, but they were totally weirded out by the pistachio bits {I told them they were lucky leprechaun nuggets}.  Then we graphed the results of the taste test. 

While I know these fun little things aren’t necessarily academic, they didn’t take any time at all and they were SO much fun for the kids!  It made for some awesome discussion and led into some really great journal writing opportunities. 
How do you celebrate St. Patty’s Day?!?


  1. I love the writing and the leprechauns. Do you have the pattern for the leprechaun? It is darling. Please include the writing template also. Thanks for your great ideas.

  2. How adorable! I was so busy/overwhelmed last year (as a first year teacher) that I don't even think I told my kids it was St. Patrick's day. LAME ALERT.

  3. I love the leprechauns! They are so cute....and yes, I absolutely adore the innocence and excitement that comes with each and every one of my little first graders. It is one of the things that makes teaching the little ones so much fun!

    Curls and a Smile

  4. what darling ideas:)

    i am glad you posted it way before so i can use these in my class!

    love it!


  5. Every year we make leprechaun traps in my class. The kids LOVE it! When they come in from recess, there is green glitter everywhere and our room is turned upside down. They truly believe a leprechaun came in. I love your leprechaun writing craft. It's super cute!
    Thanks for the idea:)


  6. love love LOVE all your goodies! you inspire me and my teacher franzzzz leaps and bounds! love the leprechauns....can't wait to make them next week with my kids..yes, that's right next week..while we are at school during spring break :) haha..jealous :)it will be a fun week of all the FABULOUS finds i grabbed from you and your friends dynamic vat of amazingness!!! and dont fret...I have already paid a visit to tPt...oh WOW! put the hurt on that place and i only found yall on Saturday! LOvin all your GREAT ideas! keep rocking it out sista! <3

  7. I love to make "Shamrock Shakes" with my students using green lime sherbet and Sprite. The kids sure do enjoy it! I also like to do the Potato Race Experiment.

    Here are the directions to the potato race experiment at Google Docs:


    I also created activity pages to go with each step: writing a hypothesis, recording the results by making a graph, noting observations, and drawing conclusions. They are available for download at my TpT page.


  8. Great ideas! We’ve always had a sneaky leprechaun come the morning of St. Patrick’s Day to play and mess the room. It is probably one of my favorite days. The kids are so excited about it. I have a little pair of shoes spray painted green that he leaves behind. The kids have to find them and then return the shoes to the Leprechaun. He comes by after lunch to get the shoes and leave a reward. Then they write letters back to him to say thank you. It’s great fun!

    We also have a tasting table of green food. I ask every child to bring something green. We get quite the variety, and the kids love it! We graph and talk about our most and least favorites. It’s a lot of fun!

    And of course we do the Lucky Charms graphing activity for math.

    Have you seen the blog eighteen25? They have such cute activities and printables. They have a great one to attach to Lucky Charms:

    Thanks for sharing all your great ideas! :)


  9. LOVE the idea of Shamrock Shakes, Mrs. Lochridge!!!

    Janae - eighteen25 is one of my FAVORITE blogs!! I just saw those toppers the other day! LOVE!! And I LOVE the idea of a green foods taste test!! TOO cute!!!

  10. Thank you for the great ideas! I will be posting my St. Patty's day ideas soon too.

    Ms. M

  11. You inspire me! This is my third year teaching first grade and I LOVE to see all of these fun ideas. Do you have templates for the leprechauns? They are adorable and I would love to use it for my kiddos too! Thanks for all you do:)


  12. I love the leprechauns and the writing prompt. Do you have a copy of the templates that you would be willing to share?

    Jennifer Gorham

  13. if you are emailing the template I would like it also! thanks!

  14. If you have a template to email I would love it!!


  15. These ideas are {GREAT}! I can't wait to use some of them in my class next week.

    I have never heard of the leprechaun trap idea. How cool! My son and I will be making one this weekend. :)

    Quick question - where did you get your awesome clip art?

    ~Mrs. Beck

    http://mrsbecksgotclass.blogspot.com/>Mrs. Beck's Got CLASS!

  16. I read that book and made your leprechauns today--they turned out SO cute! Thanks so much for sharing your cute ideas!

  17. If you are emailing the pattern for the cute Leprechaun I would like it please!

  18. I would also love the leprechaun pattern if you are sharing it. Thanks so much!!

  19. Once again I have found a cute idea on your blog. My firsties made the leprechauns today-they turned out way cute! Next week they will be writing about finding a leprechaun. The stories and always cute and now we will have the darling leprechauns to decorate our stories. Thanks again for sharing! SDNana

  20. If you have the patterns to the leprechaun pattern, could you please email it to me?


  21. I love your ideas! What a wonderful classroom you have and how exciting for the children to come and get excited about learing! I wish I could be near you to see your classroom!
    I had asked earlier about getting the template for the leprechaun-any chance?
    Maryann (brennemm@carlisleschools.org)

  22. I love it all! Thanks for sharing!!!

  23. Thanks for sharing! This is so cute!


  24. I used your activity today in class. My class is grateful for your generosity! I posted and linked your site. Thanks Again!

    Primary Graffiti

  25. Loved your leprechaun ideas. My students were SO into them. We put out leprechaun traps and kept our eyes peeled all week. Kids were making detailed plans on how to catch leprechauns during their recess. So much fun!

  26. If you have the patterns to the leprechaun pattern, could you please email it to me?

    Thank you! :o)


  27. I was wondering if you still had the leprechaun pattern?? They turned out so cute, and I would love to do this with my first graders!!!

    Thank you!


  28. I also would LOVE the pattern!! mprebble@tong464.org
    Thank you so much!

  29. I would love your pattern also. This is my first year in Kinder and I would love to do it for Open House. Thank you so much! kwheeler@santarosaacademy.org

  30. These are great!!
    I added your idea to my post about St. Patrick's Day and linked back to you!

    I'm thinking about printing pictures of the kids and using their faces...we'll see!

    Thanks for the ideas!
    Kinder Journey

  31. This is a very cute idea! I would love to do it with my students. Could you email me the pattern please?

    Thank you!

  32. does anyone have a pattern for this? could you please email it to me? acingle85@gmail.com

    Thank you!!!

  33. So cute!! Could you email me the pattern as well? Thanks!


  34. I love your website! I use it sooo often as a first year teacher. I love all of your ideas and have no idea have the time to keep up with it all. I was wondering if you could please send me the leprechaun template?

    Thank you,

  35. I was wondering if you could please email me the template as well. What a super cute idea! :)


    Thank you! :)

  36. Also hoping to get a copy of the pattern for this!! jmh22@mcsdk12.org

  37. Would love to have this pattern as well! melissa_schad@mstm.us

  38. I love your little leprechaun! If you could would you email me the pattern?


  39. I adore your blog and your endless ideas. If you have a template of the leprechaun hat, I would love a copy. Thanks!!


  40. I love your blog! I would love to get a copy of the template for the leprechaun and writing page. Thanks!

  41. Can I get a copy of the writing and leprechaun template?


  42. Your blog is awesome!
    Can I please have a copy of the "I feel lucky when..." writing and leprechaun template?



  43. When I make the magic pudding I use vanilla pudding and green milk (shamrock juice) Students seem to like it better and it has the same concept:)

    I'd love a copy of the leprechaun writing template too!

  44. Could i get a copy of the template too??


  45. I love this writing activity! If you still have the pattern I would love it! You have the best ideas that have really helped me get through my first 2 years of teaching. -Abby


  46. This is absolutely ADORABLE! Could you email me the template and pattern? Thank you!


  47. These are so cute and would really liven up our classroom. I would love to get the pattern, if you are willing to share your work. Thanks!

  48. These are great!! I would truly appreciate the template as well! Thank you!

  49. We would love for you to link this to our LOVE BOOKS page for parents to be able to do this at home with their children too. Such great ideas linked to a book! http://theeducatorsspinonit.blogspot.com/p/love-books.html

  50. hi! love this! If you have the template please email it to me as well I think that my students would love this activity! Sguyett19@gmail.com

  51. Did anyone ever get the template? I would love to have it!
    Please email it to me at


  52. Would you please share the template? My kids would love to make these.

  53. I would love a template as well! kara488@hotmail.com

  54. Hi y'all!!!

    You can find the pattern in last year's post right here: http://thefirstgradeparade.blogspot.com/2011/03/leprechaun-pattern.html
    Hope you enjoy!! Blessings!!

    Cara :)

  55. I copied and pasted the link you listed for the loopy leprechaun template, but it just took me back to your home page. Perhaps the link is broken? Please let me know where I can go to get the template as it is so adorable! Thank you :-)

  56. The link isn't working...love to do this tomorrow...can anyone help?

  57. Link is not working for me either. Takes me back to another blog post.

  58. What a cool leprechaun you've got! Can you please email me the template? The link doesn't work for some reason! I just love your blog! You are amazing!

  59. I just asked for a leprechaun template and forgot to leave my email. Please send the template to mfmidtex@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance!