Our “Big Days” Catch-Up!

I got the sweetest email from a darling reader who wanted to know if I was okay because of my lack of blogging lately :)  I’m a-ok, but my boys…well…they’re a different story.  They both tested positive for type A flu last week and I was one busy momma!  No time for anything other than snugglin’ the heck outta those kids.  Even though the snuggles were sick induced, I’ll take what I can get!  HA!  I’m SO happy that they’re finally on the mend and back to normal!!  I hope that’s the last of the sickies this season!! 

Because I was tending to my mommy duties, our 100th day celebration didn’t exactly go as planned :)  I have the most amazing team ever, so my sweet girls took my firsties last Thursday & Friday mid-afternoon so I could leave to be with my boys.  I was at school for a total of 3 hours on Thursday {delayed start and left early}, and I was only at school for our field trip on Friday.  Even though it was a short week, the kids still had a blast!!

We celebrated the 100th day on Thursday and started the day with some SMARTBoard fun.  The kids L-O-V-E-D showing different ways to get to 100 {$1.00} with money & base 10 blocks!



We made our 100 day crowns {courtesy of The Virtual Vine} and glasses.  You can find the crown printable HERE.


They got to wear their 100th day gear to the school-wide balloon launch the next day :)  Probably my most favorite event of the school year!!  It’s the dang prettiest thing…HUNDREDS of different colored balloons {a different color for each grade level} floating up, up, & away!  Each balloon is tagged with the email address of our school counselor and a little message.  SO…if anyone finds our balloons, they can email our counselor to let her know when & where they found it!  SO dang cool!!  Unfortunately, I had to miss it this year {BOO HOO} to take care of my boys :(  This is the only pic I could get…


I also set out a 100 day chart that we added to during the day.  I had the kids write words they’ve learned to spell this year inside the 100.  We also wrote about 100 things we’ve learned in the first 100 days of school {around the 100}.  Every time they thought of something different, I had them tell me what it was so that I could jot it down on our chart.  They LOVED that!!  Here’s the unfinished version…


That’s about ALL we had time for in the very brief 3 hours I was at school that day!!! 

We celebrated our first field trip of the school year on Friday…BRAIN GYM!!  SO fun!  The kids loved it!!


After ANOTHER weekend of being stuck inside the house, I returned to school on Monday for our Valentine’s celebration.  WHOA.  Can anyone say CRAZY?!  It was a wild day full of lots of fun activities.  We started the day with a little Valentine Vocabulary activity and added several Valentine related words to a brainstorm chart.  I’ll keep this up throughout the rest of the month for the kids to refer to when writing.


  We had our party at the end of the day which was perfect.  The kids decorated heart-shaped sugar cookies and played a few games of Bingo. 


They also made these adorable “bags” for their Valentine’s!!  My team has been making this for several years so I was happy to jump on board & do the same!  The kids thought these were “so cool”!!


And I’d be lying if I said these little “teacher perks” weren’t a favorite part of my day :)  I brought home my chocolates and bath bombs and took a long bath…*maybe* with a glass of wine…for a little R&R.  After a week like this last one, it was just what I needed!!! 



  1. I have been wondering about you! So glad to hear your boys are getting better!! Throwing some California sunshine your way to chase away those sickies.

  2. I am so glad you were able to go home and take care of your boys!
    How did you have time to make copies and prep for all of these wonderful activities? That's usually how I spend my Sundays. It's impossible to prep on school mornings (god forbid you go anywhere near a copier.) I have meetings, duty, or I get nabbed by another teacher. How do you do it within the school day?

  3. Valentine's Day in an elementary school is CRAZY! I love that stationary with your name on it, too cute!

  4. Where are you from?? I found a balloon in my yard with a little address sent from 100 days of school- somewhere is AL. COOL!

  5. Where did you get your SMART board template that you use with money? I would love to use it!

  6. @dougandjillwentupthehill ~ I got the template off the Smart Exchange website...it's in one of the calendar downloads. BUT, if you type in "money & coins" in the search bar, a GAJILLION activities pop up and they're SO good!! We've used a different coin based SmartBoard activity every morning this week {all from the Smart Exchange!!!}

  7. Great! Thanks so much! I LOVE your blog....this is my first year in first and I get so much inspiration from you...thanks for all of your efforts! :)

  8. Can I ask what those little necklaces are that are hanging from your wall? (in the photo with all of those wonderful gifts!)

  9. Hi Cara! I am a new follower on your blog! I am SO excited about the balloon release! I have a couple questions for you. Do you have a close up picture of the tag that is on it? Who blows all of these balloons up with helium for you?? Your guidance counselor sounds amazing!!! Does she blog or have contact info?? I am looking for some ideas for our school! Thank you for the great ideas!

  10. oops - Eden_Capps@scps.k12.fl.us

  11. I love the valentines bags that you said you got from the teachers wife. I went to her website but can not find the pattern. Can you help?