Chocolate Pudding & Penguins

I’m trying to catch up on a few little things, but thought I’d share this in the meantime.  We’re stuck INSIDE today…no school…with tons of ice on the ground and temps too cold for me to talk about.  Yuck.  But the upside to this little sleet day is that I’ve got a clean house & chicken noodle soup on the stove.  Speaking of soup, if you’re dealing with stay-inside-weather like we are, you’ve seriously gotta try THIS SOUP.  Y’all….it’s DANG good.  Perfect cold weather meal!! 

Moving on…

This week we’re learning about the “-ch” digraph.  My firsties are LOVING the Digraph Kids and talk about each of ‘em like they know them personally!  HA!  They love this week’s kiddo…Chompin’ Charlie…and since Charlie’s favorite candy is CHocolate, we decided to have a little fun with CHocoloate pudding.

First, we brainstormed a list of –ch words after reading Charlie’s story. {Have I mentioned how much I love my SmartBoard?!  Because I DO!!!!  I just hate that it makes my handwriting look so BAD!  HA!}


And we had LOTS of fun writing our own –ch words in CHOCOLATE PUDDING!!!



The kids LOVED it!  Sure, it was a hot mess, but SO much fun for them!!!


I’m sure everybody’s all finished learning about penguins, but here’s a little idea you can tuck away for next year.  These are my most favorite!!  Paper plate penguins!  I used to have the kids make these when I taught Kindergarten as a little art activity.  I had my firsties write facts in question format on the penguins bellies.  It was great for reinforcing correct punctuation and fact finding. 



I’ll be back soon with more fun printables & ideas!!  And be on the lookout for my first “linky party”.  A little somethin’ for us to get to know each other better!!

Happy snow…er, SLEET…day!!!!


  1. I was SHOCKED that we had school today (no delay or anything!) when I woke up to a car completely iced over. NOT FUN. I was cursing the superintendent all the way to school!

    Glad you're off, girl! Hope you've had a great day at home :)

  2. We didn't have school either... we'll see about tomorrow!

    LOVE the chocolate pudding idea. I will tuck that away for next year!

  3. I.m in Keller and we just got word they cancelled tomorrow too! Crazy what a half inch of snow and ice will do in Texas!

  4. I am student teaching this semester and I LOVE Your blog! We made those paper plate penguins! Soo cute!

  5. Chocolate pudding looks yummy and fun! Who cares about the mess, as long as it's a fun learning experience! :)
    Let me tell you...they do not have Snow days in Utah! BOOOOO!!!

  6. Cara, thanks for the CH ideas!! Love the pudding idea! We wrote our word wall words in shaving cream last week.. Hey, at least the desks get clean! ;0)

    I'd love some ideas you use for your SMART board. We are trying to figure ours out!!!

  7. Love the penguin project! My kiddos can't seem to get their fill of penguin activities! We'll have to make these on Friday. Thanks for sharing! - Michelle

  8. I love my SMART Board too. But you are right about the handwriting. I wish it would be neater!! :)

  9. Oh how fun! I know my kiddos would love to play in chocolate pudding!

    I couldn't live without the SmartBoard either!

  10. Chocolate Pudding!!! I think that is so fun. maybe during h brother review I will bring that idea out. I need more smartboard ideas Thansk for sharing.