Winner, Winner!

Thanks to those of you that played my little “what-kept-me-up-all-night-and-caused-me-to-look-like-the-bride-of-frankenstein-this-morning” game to with my Place Value Packet of Fun on TpT. 

Congrats to…



YES….SO true.  And since she technically said it first, bwjules1 is the winner.  BUT…there was another comment that HIT.THE.NAIL.ON.THE.HEAD.  So…I’ve gotta give one away to this good guesser, too…zkelly

Girlfriend!  GOOD guess!!!

YES.  My little 3-year-old was up ALL.DANG.NIGHT just puking his little heart out…and everything else he ate yesterday.  I’ve never seen so much vomit and I hope I never have to see it again.  Y’all…I don’t know how we’ve managed to avoid it, but this is the FIRST time either of my boys have ever thrown up!  And last night’s up-every-hour-changing-clothes-and-cleaning-the-carpet/sheets/bed/floor episode is further proof that I CANNOT handle another infant.  The all nighters are NO FUN!!!!  Bless his little heart!  Thank heavens that’s over!

Ladies…email me at so that I can send you my Place Value Packet of Fun.  And THANK YOU so much to everyone who’s already headed over to TpT to snag a copy for yourself!!


  1. Yay! Can't WAIT to get this packet! And so sorry to hear about your three year old! I hope he is better fast and nobody else gets hit with it! Love your blog!!

  2. I hope your little boy is feeling better! I just bought your Place Value packet and it is awesome!! THANKS. : )

  3. AW :( I hope your little peanut is feeling better...and I hope you and your husband are immune!!!

  4. I hope your little one is feeling better! Oh no!

  5. I just wanted to tell you that I gave you a shout out on my blog tonight. I attempted my FIRST unit using Google Docs. Ha! If I remember right, your in the DFW area??? If so, you might want to check out my Super Bowl's for 5th graders but a lot of the ideas cold totally be used in 1st. Thanks again for inspiring me to create a unit. :)


  6. I remember calling my mother in a panic the first time Morgan threw up. She was almost three years old at the time. I thought she was dying! Seriously, I had never seen so much come out of a kid at once. Luckily, it passed soon. It scarred me for life!