Symmetrical Snowflakes

Even though we don’t see much snow here in Texas…with the exception of last year’s record snowfall{s}…we “let it snow” this week with a fun little symmetry activity.  This is one of my favorites of the season!  This week we were reviewing shapes and patterns so this little lesson fit in perfectly.  We reviewed repeating patterns & growing patterns and revisited the concept of symmetry and our symmetrical turkeys.  Then I had the kids create symmetrical snowflakes…

symmetrical snowflakes1symmetrical snowflakes3symmetrical snowflakes2

And just like real snowflakes, no two were the same! 

To make the snowflakes, I cut 4   8x2”  strips of blue paper and assembled into “snowflakes”.  I die cut tons of white pattern block shapes for the kids to use to create their patterns.  {Ummm…I had NO idea we had pattern block die cuts.  Shocker of epic proportions.  This saves me a LOAD of time cutting each one out piece by piece :)}  Then the kids got busy creating their own little snowflakes!  This was a great assessment to see which of my kids are still struggling with patterns & symmetry. 


  1. I found out that my school has those die cuts too! I was overjoyed! I also love all your generosity of sharing your ideas and printables! I have used several of them. I am planning to teach more about reader's response and love the brown bag idea! I look forward to doing that in my room too! Thanks so much!

  2. going to steal this idea to make snowflakes for Newtown, CT. Much easier than having first graders cut paper snowflakes! THANKS!