Digraph Kids Giveaway Winners & A Sight Word Game Download!

Happy TGI{almost}F!!!  LOVE IT!!!  Thanks to EVERYONE who commented and gave us all some new ideas on teaching digraphs!!!  I’m definitely going to “steal” some of those fun ideas!!!  Now onto the winners…




YAY!  These ladies will be getting a free download of my Digraph Kids packet…32 pages of stories, sorting mats, pictures, words, and recording sheets.  Thanks to all you guys who have already headed over to TpT to get your copy!!   I hope you’re loving it!!  For those of you that are interested, you can grab a copy of the packet HERE.  And if you guys have any questions/suggestions/comments, feel free to shoot me an email!  As for Kari & Mrs. Walksy, send me an email so I can send you your download :) 


My favorite sight word game to play with the kids is BANG!!!  My kids DIE for this game and BEG me to play it.  Whatever helps ‘em learn, I’m all about it.  I’m sure you guys play this in  your own room, but just incase you don’t, check it out for yourself! 

{click on pic to download}



  1. If you have a chance, will you share your ideas for MLK day! Thanks a billion!!! :0)

  2. I like BANG! We play one that is is similar. We call it CRACKED I used the Ellison Press to cut circles to resemble a fried egg. One one side I have a yellow "yolk" and the other has a letter (later in the year, out eggs have sight words). I have all 52 letters and about 10 "eggs" that are cracked.
    To play, the children pick an egg, put it in the pan (yolk side up) and flip the egg with a spatula. They have to say the letter and the sound (or read the sight word). If they flip the egg and it is cracked, they have to put all their eggs back and the game continues.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Shut UP!!!! I can't believe I won!!!!! This is the first time I have ever won anything!!!! I buy lottery tickets for presents and they win. I buy one for me and nothing!!!! I am so excited! This is the best feeling in the world. How exciting, and seriously, I just love all your stuff! You inspired me to start blogging.


  4. Would mind helping me!?! I recently started a blog, but am having trouble figuring out how to upload the document to look like yours! HELP!!!
    THANKS! :)

  5. I love this game. We play it all the time! I use Popsicle sticks instead of cards and they pick the sticks out of a can or cup depending on the set they have. You can do it with math facts too. My little kiddos can't get enough!

    Thanks for the typed instructions. I am going to use it for my parent volunteers and our aides that help out during differentiation time. That way I don't have to always tell them the directions.

  6. Hi Mrs. Carroll

    Game sounds like fun! How would you change it to accommodate those students who are reading 2 grades ahead? I don't want my one very strong student to get all the cards all the time...