If Take A Mouse To The Movies

One of my favorite holiday books…


And there’s SO much you can do with it!  We had a little “If You Take A Mouse To The Movies” day the other day and the kids had so much fun!!  Of course, we started out reading the book.  After reading, we talked about cause & effect and made a diagram to show the chain of reaction.mousetomovies5

I also assigned each kiddo to a story event and had them illustrate it.  Then we came together as a whole group and I had the kids work together to sequence the events on a giant filmstrip!


I really wanted a text to self writing activity, so I gave them the prompt, “If you take me to the movies, I will ask you for some…”.  I had them complete the sentence with the words of things they like to get when they go to the movies!  And these little writing templates turned out so dang cute!  It took me FOREVER to figure out how I wanted to display their writing, but the idea of a festive little Christmas mouse and a clapboard won out in the end!  I LOVE how different each of them look!  {Just incase you’re wondering…I precut all of the big pieces…clapboard pieces, head, hands, hat, ears}  AFTER they were finished writing…and after I double checked it…I let the kids grab their materials to start assembling their little mice.  They cut their own eyes & nose & drew the whiskers, too!


I pretty much died when I saw that this sweetie wrote, “popcorn and a cup of iced tea.”  HA!!!


For our Daily 5 stations, I had the kids work on a few little mouse themed activities. 

Here the kids are sorting chunk words {-oke, –ose, –ore} on popcorn into the corresponding popcorn tubs.  After they sorted the words, the kids had to write them onto a large popcorn tub template and label it accordingly.


I also had the kids make CVC words using little clapboards and flimstrip letters.



The first slide/page in this download are hand drawn pictures {by yours truly ;)} that I used when I taught Kindergarten.  I made rebus sentences out of them.  {He will ask you for some…}  The kids had to match the words to the pics. 

Of course, I didn’t get around to everything I wanted to do.  No shocker there.  But some other ideas I had were to…

**have the kids create popcorn garland for the class tree.  Cut out construction paper popcorn pieces {or print some off} and have the kids make words/fact families/etc. on each template, hole punch the top, and then string them together with yarn.

**make filmstrip sentences.  I thought it would be fun to have large, premade filmstrip pieces and on each strip, write a different word.  The kids would have to work together to put the sentence in order.


Do you guys do anything fun with this book?!?   I’d love for you to share if you do!


  1. Cutest ideas! Love them all! Thanks!



  2. How adorable! These are great ideas I just may have to do. Thanks,


  3. You are so talented!! How do you think of all this stuff!? The film strip and clap board is absolutely adorable! I totally used your Roll & Remove game and taught it to my class last week! They absolutely LOVED it! I am going to blog about it soon :) You are so inspiring! Thank you!



  4. You are amazing. Even though I'm excited that Christmas Break is in a week, I wish I had more time to get in all these new ideas :)

  5. You just could NOT have any cuter ideas! Every time you update I am in awe! I would love to know how you find so much time to do these cute things, especially when you pre-cut the materials for your little darlings! You are my hero! Could you please move to Utah and be my team member? ;)

  6. You are so cute! I am glad I found you!

  7. I just love this book and these ideas are great. I may have to do them the last week before break.

  8. I stumbled across your blog and just want to say a great big THANK YOU!!! The ideas are inspiring and remind me how much creativity can be infused in the classroom. Definitely planning to use your ideas! Thanks again.

  9. did you draw the cute little pictures of the mouse, blanket, tree, etc. on the first page of your download or did you find them somewhere!? They are super cute!

  10. Sarah ~ I drew them :) There was NOTHING I could find online, so I had to bust out the colored pencils ;)

  11. Ok girl--you ROCK! Wow. Just love it. Can't wait to use it this week!

  12. LOVE the great ideas for this book. Sooooo adorable!
    Thanks for your creativity!

  13. Love, love, love your ideas! I teach third grade and there are so many ideas that I can adapt for my own classroom. THANK YOU!

    I also use this book for cause and effect. I have one of the older popcorn makers (the kind that has the dome lid and you put the oil and kernals inside). We watch the popcorn pop and discuss not only the science behind it, but also the cause and effect relationship. I pull in Tomie dePaolo's Popcorn Book...we sing the Popcorn Pop...

    Thanks again for all your creativity! :)


  14. Thank you so much! We did this tonight at our family literacy night and it was a HIT! The kids (pre-K) are excited to come back in the morning and read the book and play with the letters again!!!