Where’s My Mummy?

We had our annual Fall Book Fair a couple of weeks ago and there was the most darling little book on the shelves…


Now, this book has probably been around for a while, but it’s the first time I saw it.  One of my sweeties from class bought it for me and I fell.in.love!  SUCH a cute story!  {And it’s since become a favorite of my two boys, too!}   I immediately knew I wanted to use this story for a writing activity and here’s what we did…


For a reader’s response, I had the kids use the sentence prompt, “When I get scared, my mummy…”, and they had to write about something that their Mommy does to help them when they’re scared {text to self connection}.  Using the backside of a paper plate, the kids glued on a black rectangle, an orange set of eyes, and then tore big pieces of white construction paper for the bandages. Loved this reader’s response! 



  1. I just had to make these with my first graders!! We used crate paper instead of white paper to "wrap" our mummies. It turned out very cute! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas..:)

  2. Too cute! I saw Deanna Jump use this book in a lesson with her Kinders! It was so precious that I got a copy love what you've done with it!

  3. This is adorable!!! We did it in our classroom and our kids loved it.

    Also, we've included a link to this activity on our page of BEST HALLOWEEN KIDS BOOKS, since it's such a great activity to do with this fun book!


    Thanks for sharing!