What’s The Weather?!

We’ve been studying the weather the last few weeks in Science and it’s been FUN to say the least!  I love hearing the kids talk about the clouds when we’re outside… “Look Mrs. Carroll!  That’s a stratus cloud!!”  They’ve become such awesome little weather watchers, SO very interested in anything and everything weather!!  Here are a few little things we did for this fun little unit!

We watched a really neat video about the different types of weather and read some pretty cool non-fiction books, too!  We made a little word web to show what we learned…


We added weather poems to our poetry journals {no pics, but you can download them below.}


We also learned about the water cycle and how it affects our weather.


We made water cycle bracelets using little beads and yarn.  Each bead stood for a different phase of the water cycle:  dark blue-condensation, light blue-precipitation, yellow-evaporation.  I also had the kids label a diagram of the water cycle to keep in their science journals.


We also updated our science journals with weather graphs to help us observe and record the daily weather.



We read this book about clouds…


and then we brainstormed adjectives to describe the different types.


We read this book…


And made our own little class book adapted from this story. They made their own tear paper cloud shaped like an object and used the sentence prompt, “My little cloud changed into a …”



We graphed our favorite types of clouds…

cloud graph

and interpreted the data…

cloud graph1

Speaking of observations, we also observed changes over an extended period of time…changes that occur due to weather…and we used trees to illustrate this concept.  I had the kids choose between several different mediums to show the seasons of a tree.  I LOVE how different they all turned out!!


We also talked about the wind.  We brought in hair dryers to show how wind moves and the kids got to be little wind makers using a straw and cotton balls.  They also got to make wind socks to take home and observe wind direction and movement.

wind socks

For a little bit of fun, we read this book…


and pretended, “what if?!”  We used the sentence prompt, “I wish it would rain…” to add another entry to our Reader’s Response journals. 


We’re about to send home a really cool MOON project, so stay tuned!!


  1. YOU ARE AN AWESOME TEACHER!! I love how everything is so organized, and looks super cute too! Your students sure are lucky.

    I graduated with my teaching degree May 2009 and have been looking for a job in the Houston area. I've bookmarked your site, because of all your great ideas. I can't wait to have my own classroom someday.

    Thank you SO much for sharing!! :)

  2. I love all your fabulous ideas...I am a 1st grade teacher too...and I have been making some of the math activities you have so kindly shared with us on your blog. I have to say I look forward to your blog posts every day! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!


  3. What video did you watch? I love these ideas.

    1. I just saw some of your ideas and I was wondering what the video was that you watched?

  4. I'm a kindergarten teacher, but I believe I can take these great ideas and adjust them for my 5's.
    I love the phonetic spelling - that's such a great indicator of future success!

  5. Love, love, love all of your cute ideas and how generous you are to share the downloads!
    What font did you use for the cloud activities...i have to download that one!


  6. Cara! You're awesome...and so generous. I am going to use some of your ideas for our upcoming weather unit...if that's okay?! The local weather man is coming to talk to us at the end of the unit and the kids are sooo excited...I want to make sure they are fully literate in all things weather. Thanks for sharing so much...finding all these blogs and how yall simply share your ideas is so amazing to me!

    have a great week!

  7. Thanks for sharing all of your great weather ideas! We are about to start a big weather unit.


  8. You are so awesome!! I so love your ideas!

  9. Thank you for the cute post! I am so excited to have found a few new, fresh ideas for my weather unit this coming week!
    Michelle FirstGradeBest

  10. I came across your blog and used some of your resources for my weather unit last week. They saved my life during our state testing week where grades 2-5 tested and we were confined to our classrooms. Thank you for sharing, it was great! Check out what we did at http://asartiparty.blogspot.com/2011/04/aims-week.html
    Thanks again!

  11. Hi! We wanted to let you know that we featured your fantastic water cycle poster at our blog, Bulletin Board Ideas. We made sure to give photo credit as well as a link back to your website, but we'd love for you to check it out and, if there are any problems, we'll be sure to take the feature down immediately!

    Thanks so much!
    Kayla Johnson

  12. Appreciated the link for the water cycle! Thanks!

  13. Oh, just had to snag some of these for next week. Thank you!

  14. Playing with Pixie Dust had this post as a link to her weather post. I love your blog, but I'm glad she linked to you because this is from before I started follow you. Wow! All of it is awesome! I just started our weather unit today and I can't wait to try out some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing! ~Heidi V.

  15. Thank you! Wonderful ideas and contagious enthusiasm.

  16. You are a gift!! As others have said, your creativity is inspiring and contagious!! Thank you!!

  17. Wanted to add my thanks...lovely post...2 years later we are enjoying your hard work...and we appreciate it!

  18. I love that most of your posts have ideas on how to integrate that particular subject with other subjects. You always have the students moving around and being engaged in what is going on! I will definitely use this in my classroom!

  19. Love this unit! Thanks so much for sharing such great ideas!

  20. Wonderful illustrated information. I thank you about that. No doubt it will be very useful for my future projects. Would like to see some other posts on the same subject!

  21. Just fell in love with your blog... thank you so much.