Stellaluna Fun!

We had SO much fun learning about bats last week!  My kids are really into non-fiction this year and LOVE “fact gathering”.  Kinda precious if you ask me ;)  At the beginning of the week, we read Stellaluna & followed up the story with a Bats vs. Birds Venn Diagram and a story map. 

My kids are really into story maps this year, too!  And I love having a visual to organize our thoughts. 

stellaluna4 Since there were a lot of little problems and characters in Stellaluna, this was the perfect time to talk about main character & main problem.  We starred those on the story map to remember the difference!

stellaluna5 stellaluna6

I also had the kids make their own beginning/middle/end story map.  After they organized their thoughts onto their trifolds, one of my sweet moms came in to help guide the kids as they “published” their work on these bats…


We hung them {upside down} from the ceiling!


We red several non-fiction books about bats and used the info to help us fill out our Venn Diagram.


I LOVED this bat craft idea I saw on Chalk Talk.  I sat out the materials to create the bats, along with these pink strips of paper, at the writing center.  The kids used the Venn diagram as a reference to write two bat facts on their bats.  Some of my sweet little overachievers asked if they could write facts they remembered that weren’t listed on the diagram.  Well pin a rose on your nose little love…of course you can!

We learned about the differences between megabats & microbats and the kids were fascinated to learn that you can tell the difference between the two by the size of their eyes.  SO…I had different sized googly eyes that the kids could choose from to either make megabats or microbats.  Most of them made megabats!  No surprise there!

stellaluna2 stellaluna3

I set out a few hands-on bat themed activities at our literacy stations, too.  Click on the link below to download a word family word-to-picture match.  I cut the bats out & then cut their wings off.  The kids had to put the bat back together by matching the words to the pics that were on the wings.  {Once you see the download, you’ll understand…and if you don’t, just let me know!!}


I also created these word family bats {-ug, –un, –ut} programmed with various short u words.  I set out a clothesline and had the kids hang the bats {upside down} in ABC order.  My struggling kiddos were alphabetizing by first letter only.  My love-to-be-challenged kiddos had to look at the WHOLE word to alphabetize it correctly.  They LOVED this activity!  I just can’t believe I didn’t get any pictures!  CRAZY week!!!

abcorderbats copy


  1. This is wonderful!!! I love all of these ideas and I know my students are going to be crazy over bats!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Do you have a pattern for the beginning, middle, end bat?

  3. Thank you so much for these great bat activities! I just blogged about bats for Fantabulous Friday Freebie and linked to your post! Thanks for sharing such great ideas. My kiddos loved them! :)


  4. I'd love to have the pattern for the bat, too, please!


  5. I would love the pattern for the bat as well, please!!

  6. Do you have the pattern for the bat? I would love to have a copy.

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  8. I love the Stella Luna Story Map. I will be doing it this year for sure to expand my students learning while reading such a wonderful story. My 1 year old just got the book for his birthday, and it reminded me of how much I love teaching bats!

    Alicia Peterson

  9. What a great idea! If possible, I would love it if you could send the bat cutout- my LLD class would LOVE this. I am a first year teacher and your blog has been an amazing resource.

  10. I would love the bat beg., middle, and end if you have the pattern. Thanks so much!

  11. I love your post! Thank you for sharing all of your ideas and material. I would love the pattern/template for the Stellaluna beginning, middle and end bat for my kindergarteners. I am looking forward to reading this book for Response to Literature in a week!

  12. Just came across your blog and I love it! We are doing Stellaluna next week and I would love to use your bat BME template if you have it.
    Thank you!

  13. I would also love a copy for the bat ouline to do beg middle end

  14. I could love a nat outline for the beginning middle end!


  15. If you are sharing, I would love an outline of your bat pattern and template for beginning middle and end if you have it! I love your idea! Thanks!

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  17. I would love the bat template-so cute! I am a students who is microteaching and this would be perfect for my unit!
    Thank you,