Skip Counting

My kids are really getting the hang of skip counting!  At least, I think they are ;)  Here are just a few little activities/ideas that I’ve incorporated to help reinforce this concept!


I requested that the parents send in {labeled} socks with the kids.  I hung these on a clothesline to reinforce skip counting by 2’s.



The week that we introduced skip counting, we had the kids help us create these skip counting “anchor charts” to hang in the room as a visual.  I guess I missed the 10’s chart!  Ooops!  The 10’s chart used pairs of feet for counting by 10’s.




I created this little hands-on activity for the kids to practice skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s.  I laminated construction paper and cut them in strips to form ladders.  On each ladder rung, I wrote a different number.  The kids had to climb the ladder in order of how they were skip counting. 

climbtheladder Here’s a little recording sheet they can fill out when they’re finished with the hands-on piece…

click to download



I created this math activity for the kids to use in their Math Tubs.  They request this activity ALL the time!  You’ll need a set of calculators…I purchased about 5 LARGE calculators from the Dollar Tree.  Using the preprogrammed calculator template, the kids practice counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s and recording their results on a recording sheet.



Download your set here…



  1. Cara,

    The activities are super! Thanks for sharing!

    Kim @

  2. I love your blogsite!! Very creative and easy to follow.

  3. thank you very much! these are fun and creative activities.

  4. these are great! thank you!

  5. Cara, thank you so much for your creative ideas and resources!
    Very helpful for my Primary Maths lesson at University.
    God bless,
    From Amber -all the way in Australia

  6. I'm a second year 1st grade teacher and my math curriculum doesn't focus much on skip counting at all, so it kind of fell by the wayside last year! I want to incorporate more this year, how far and by what should first graders be able to skip count? The standards I've looked at don't really mention it either.. Do you just do by 2's 5's and 10's all to 120? Or 2's only to 20? Do you start to introduce counting by odd numbers or by 3's in first grade? I've seen those both at the beginning of second..