A Little Tour

One of the best things about my school is the ability we have to go "ALL OUT" on our classrooms. I've had the same "theme" in my room for several years now...jungle. Now, while I think that's a precious theme, a new year in a new grade level SCREAMED new theme....so that's just what I did! I walked into my brand new classroom with a pretty blank canvas. After LOTS and LOTS of thought and planning, I finally came up with something I truly LOVE. A "Sassy Hollywood Glam" theme! Sure...it's a little girly...but my kids LOVE it!! It's so bright and cheerful! At least, I think so :) I know there's a lot going on, but it works! I'm sure there will be A LOT more on the walls to look at in the weeks to come, but for now here's how it stands...

My little “Celebrity of the Week” Corner.

classroom1 classroom2

The “BRAVO” Wall. I’ll hang student work here :)


My “Red Carpet Reading” nook, right next to the “Award Winning” Word Wall and the “Spotlight on Daily 5” area.

classroom4 classroom6

Here’s our little Math wall & shelf…filled with manipulatives, games, etc. The door leads to my bathroom {which I really use as a storage closet}. I’ve got my behavior management on the bathroom door {O.S.C.A.R…Our Students Can Act Responsibly}, and the Estimation Station jar and prediction chart are right below that.

You can also see my little Investigation Station {science center} and my sink & cupboards. I have all my artsy supplies in those cabinets. On the wall is a little poster for the “Lost Tooth Club” kids, and on the opposite wall that you can’t see is an area where I keep their “brag tags”.


Here’s a little peek at my whiteboard/calendar/morning meeting area. Be expecting LOTS of changes in this area in the next few weeks!!! I like it alright, but I know there’s SO much I’m missing!!!


Hope you enjoyed the tour! It’s like my little home away from home :)


  1. Your classroom is so creative. Question: Did you cover all of your walls with butcher paper? It looks so cute! I'm trying to figure out what to do for next year. I have three cement walls that nothing will stick to except 3M hooks. (Not entirely true---if you hot glue something to the wall it will stick. Shhhh- don't tell) And do you have to take it all down at the end of the year?

  2. wow! I love your room :-) I really wish our district would allow us to do those kinds of things in our classroom. Our room is so empty compared to yours! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love your room!! So cute!!


  4. I love your room Cara! I wish we could use butcher paper to decorate our classrooms {fire marshall says NO}. Your room is perfect! FOR REAL!

  5. I love the Bravo board! I was wondering how you attached the clothes pins to the board?

  6. I love your room! It's so inviting for the kids.


  7. I love your bravo board. Can you send me pictures of it up close, and maybe a bit more directions on how to create a similar one in my classroom?



  8. I love the Bravo wall as well! Are those papers or clipboards? And how did you attach them?




  9. I love how your word wall looks...you made really great use of your space! LOVE IT!!!!

    I'm your newest follower!!


  10. I love your classroom but I am surprised that the fire marshall in your state allows so much of your walls to be covered. We are only allowed to cover 20%. : (

  11. I love your classroom! Could you tell me how I can find the sound board cards?

  12. What did you use to get the butcher paper to stick to the walls?

  13. How'd you get the paper to stick to the walls? I can't get anything to stick to my concrete walls...

  14. Cara. Is that butcher paper or fabric and how did you put it up?