Goodbye Poems


My kids have fallen in love with our goodbye poems. The kids have actually taken charge now and request to have a “leader” recite them every day as they all repeat! Depending on the day, I’ll ask the kids to give me a set of rhyming words before they can leave to go home. I still have some sweet friends who are having trouble understanding the concept, so it’s great reinforcement for those babies and fun for the whole group!

I wanted to hang these in a pocket chart, but the space around my door is limited, so I stapled these to the wall. They’re the perfect size. I created them to fit in a scheduling pocket chart, but the chart was still too big for the wall. Click the link below to download your set of Goodbye Poem Cards :)



  1. I tried downloading a few of your things, but it said I do not have sharing rights to them. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Julie! The problem should be fixed :) Let me know if it works for you!!

  3. I am thrilled to find these! Thanks for sharing! I have been saying several of them for years and my kiddo giggle as they leave...but NOW...oh how fun!

  4. i love this thanks so much for sharing

  5. Thank you for sharing! A few years ago someone had made a "big book" with phrases like this...we would read it together on the carpet. I like that after we read it this year, I can put these rhyming phrases up around the room! Just more fun! =)
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