Candy Corn Math

This week I set out a little candy corn math activity for my kids to use in their stations.  Because I have such a sweet tooth, I ate the whole bag of candy corn, so the kids had to settle on the laminated cardstock version instead ;)



Each candy corn is programmed with either an addition or subtraction problem.  I cut off the bottom {yellow} portion of the candy corn and left the rest intact.  The kids have to match the bottom {sum/difference} to the top {number sentence}.  We’ve been working on vertical addition & subtraction, so this is a perfect reinforcement of this concept!  The kids love it!  They just wish it was the real deal :)candycornmath


  1. I L-O-V-E this!!! Oh my goodness, how cute. I need to figure out how to post items to download for my blog, too--thanks so very much for sharing!!!

  2. Is there anyway you can change this for simple multiplication facts??/ I'd LOVE to have this for my third grade class!!! Let me know!

  3. I LOVE these Candy corn addition and subtraction facts!!! Is there anyway I can get blank copies to use for letters?? I would be happy to do the editing if you do not have time. Let me know what you are thinking!! THANK YOU!!

  4. How fun! What do you have the kids do in the box on the recording sheet?