Welcome to The First Grade Parade!

Welcome to The First Grade Parade!  This is my 9th year teaching and my first year in First Grade...and so far, I'm in LOVE!  Join me on my journey as a "first year" First Grade teacher.  I hope to share lots of exciting activities, lessons, and printables with you!  I'm constantly on the search for fun and exciting things to do with my kids and I love sharing what I learn!  And I know I have LOTS to learn!!  Here's to a fantastic FIRST year in FIRST GRADE!!!!

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  1. I just clicked over to your blog from Babbling Abby and just have to say I love it!! I'm a new teacher, having taught 5th and now 3rd. You are so creative with such wonderful lessons!! I can't wait to see new posts for the holidays :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!!