Chrysanthemum…Not Just A “Name” Book

When I taught Kindergarten, we usually used Chrysanthemum to introduce names.  Of course, it’s a great book to discuss what it means to be unique and special, too.  There are SO many different ways you can use this book!  During the first week of school, we used Chrysanthemum to discuss the impact unkind words have on our hearts.  I cut out a giant heart using red butcher paper.  Before I started reading the story, I handed the heart to one of my kids and gave them instructions to crumple the heart every time they heard something unkind, and then pass it to the next person.  By the time I had finished the book, we had quite a sad looking little heart.  As I tried to iron out the creases, we talked about how hard it is to make our hearts feel better after hearing such unkind words.  I added Band-Aids with each of their names to the heart to show that it’s impossible to take away those unkind words, but we can always try to help and make things better.  Then we followed up by talking about how we will always use kind words with others and brainstormed a list of kind things we can say.  Now we have the heart hanging in our room to serve as a visual reminder to





  1. I love your games. My class is really enjoying our math games and they give me a good way to assess their skills of counting on, doubles, and ways to make 10 with the dice.
    Today we used the Count on one more. Are you using different dice? I have the 1 through 6 numbered dice. So when we roll and 1+1 and have to count on one more we get three. Your board has some 2's. This happens on the Count on 2 more and 3 more. If I'm not understanding this correctly please let me know. The kids beg to play your games rather than have recess. Thanks for all you share. Pat

  2. I LOVE this idea. I remember doing something like this when I was a little girl (though it was nails in a handmade door for every hurtful word) and it really made an impression on me. I will definitely be doing this with my children. Thank you!

  3. I love the heart and band aid idea! Love the reader's response journal! We are sooo doing this! :)

  4. I've been relaxing on my Christmas Break so far by following some of my very favorite blogs from the beginning! Your's is one of them!

    I love this with the heart. I would also love for you to come check out my post that would fit well with this. We fill our bucket with helpful hearts and my kiddos love it! We even had the Grinch bring us some helpful hearts on our Grinch Day.

    I would also love for you to read some of my teacher inspirational poems about how God uses us with each kiddo in our rooms. One of my poems is called "In This Room" and I know that poem fits your room too!

    Here is the link to the helpful hearts post.

    You have been a blessing to me and I would be honored and humbled if you came over to Heather's Heart to visit.

    BTW- I am a Texas teacher too! I have lots of *freebies* that can help with the lovely TPRI! =)

    May God bless you and your family this Christmas season. Thank you for the blessing you have been to me!

    In His love,

  5. This is such a great way to teach kids about using kind words! I LOVE IT! :)

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